Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten and a Dead Battery!

 Today was Steven's 1st day of Kindergarten and I was determined to have everything ready to go the night before. 1st day of school outfit...check! Lunch made...check! Requested school supplies from teacher...check! Steven's morning was going to run smoothly, as well as mine. I was already emotional about all the things that Steven was going to be expected to do on his own this year, so I was a little nervous too. Steve had left for work and I took Steven to the bus stop in front of the house this morning just to speak with the bus driver face to face letting her know that that Steven would be on the bus this afternoon and that he would be getting off the bus at Mimi's (babysitter). Steven was in the car in his pajama's, I was still not dressed, because..well...I had done everything the night before...We had time to spare...right....WRONG!!!!! As soon as I got back in the car from speaking with his bus driver, the only noise I heard was a continuous clicking coming from under the hood of my car. Steven gave me this look and then said to me "Well..I guess I will be going to Mimi's today". I picked him up (since he had no shoes on) locked my car with the sound of a dying alarm, and we walked back home. Inside I was pulling my hair out and saying to myself "WHAT THE F**K..WHY TODAY"....but I knew I could not freak out because then Steven would get upset and I did not want that. When I got back inside I called Steve and he was going to have one of his co-workers who was leaving the fire station come and rescue me, but his co-worker had just woke up and I did not know when he was going to make it. I decided at that point to call Steven's babysitter and see if they would be able to come and give me a "jump" and thank goodness they were. This was a blessing and I became very thankful. Even with all that I had just been through I felt lucky at the same time. I quickly got dressed, got Steven dressed, combed his hair, took his 1st day of school pictures, and we were off AND ON TIME! I walked Steven to his classroom, introduced him to his teacher and hung out for about 30 min until class was officially starting. When I got in the car I felt like it should have been 5:00p.m. and ready to be done for the day, but I was now on my way to work. Another blessing was that my co-workers were very supportive and were able to train this morning until I got there. I picked Steven up at his babysitters after school and found out that Steven fell asleep on the bus this afternoon he was so tired. In Steven's words his 1st day of Kindergarten was "AWESOME". Well...I am still here, breathing and looking forward to putting this baby to bed.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Gators & Kindergarten with some ketchup on the side please"

Yep...that is what I would ketchup on the side please...because I don't think my plate can hold any more. It is the beginning of a new school year and my son is starting KINDERGARTEN! Can you believe it? No? Well...neither can I. Monday night Steve and I went to Steven's school for an "Open House" type of thing where you get to do a "meet and greet" with your child's new teacher. I walked into this with it all figured I thought. Steven has been going to Trenton Elementary since around April 2007. He had just turned 3 and was now starting Pre-K so he could get more intense one on one with his speech and fine motor skills. He then started off an entire new year beginning in August of 2007 (still in Pre-K) and stayed with the same teacher for the next two years. My son's teacher and I became close enough that she allowed me to send her "text" messages whenever I felt like it regarding Steven, who was picking up, and she would send me "text" messages as well if she ever had any questions...I mean come on....doesn't everyone have their child's teacher's cell phone number at hand to send them a text whenever they felt like it? I KNEW that this was a reality, however it was a gift that was given to us and I was blessed to have received it, along with many other's that Steven's teacher gave us in regards to Steven's individual needs being met. I never put these expectations on Steven's new teacher, but I did hit a comfort zone there for a while, and after last night that was no longer. It is a new year and my boy is growing up. Life itself is one huge roller coaster of comfort zones, however I am still finding myself hanging on to what I "Know" even though at the same time it is NOT what is best for Steven. With all that being said, Steve and I were able to get some one-on-one time after all the other parents left (because I refused to leave until I was comfortable enough to). At first it appeared that Steven's teacher was not genuinely interested in Steve and I, and who our child was, however "inside" I told myself..."Goodness Adina...she has tons of parents in here, all at the same time, asking her a ton of questions, and she has never met us before. Give her a chance". After we spoke a second time (this time in length) I felt much better and our conversation was much more purposeful. With all that being said, I still was holding back the tears when I found out how much more Steven would be expected to do on his own on a day to day basis. Yes...I am fully aware that this is called "growing up" however it does not make it easy on a mother to be "told" when to let go of the reins..that is how I felt..but I guess sometimes there are those that must be told to let go of those reins, otherwise we would just continuously direct the horse in the direction that we want them to go instead of allowing them to go out on their own.

This past Sunday, Steve and I went to "Gator Fan Day" at the O'Connell Center. We got lots of pictures of players, and had two posters signed by the players as well. These of course will be going in Steven's bedroom. Steven was having a blast with Grandma and Paw Paw in Monticello, swimming, and playing with his new Nintendo DS, that I am sure he was thanking me for not making him wait in line, stand over here, stand over there, and having to be told to stand to EVERY SINGLE PLAYER so I could get a picture.

In closing, I bought my first meditation workbook and CD and did a 20 minute breathing exercise when I got home from work. My head has never been so clear. My body has never been so relaxed, and I can't remember the last time I felt this calm. I am now addicted and can't wait to implement into my daily routine when I get home. Anyone have any ideas on "Meditation Rooms"? I'm thinking "Bye Bye Office....HELLO Meditation Room". What do you all think?

CLICK ON THE TITLE TO THIS BLOG! Once there click on "Meditation Room". There are a number of very short meditations with such titles as "Work Break", "Soothing Session", "Children's Meditation Series", and "Quick Getaway". Enjoy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Steven's 1st Scalloping Trip and Steinhatchee Falls

We knew we were going to spend the day outside...but what did we want to do? We decided to take a shot at getting some scallops out of "Hagan's Cove"
We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way and loaded up. We had a small inflatable boat for Steven and to hold our scallops if we found any. Steven was ready to go before we even got there. There were lots of jellyfish in the water and we did not want Steven to get stung so we had him stay in the boat for a little while, and then we let him jump in and have at it. He hung on to Steve's shoulder and they were swimming and giving each other "thumb's up" whenever they saw a fish..Steven was loving it. We hung out on the shoreline for a little while after and let Steven swim and use his snorkel. I wish I could say we came home with some scallops, but we didn't...not one...but we had a good time. We then left there and went to "Steinhatchee Falls"
Steve grabbed the tube that we had brought for scalloping, put Steven on his lap and went down the small rapid. It was a busy, but great weekend!

If you click on the title to this blog, you can watch the video of Steve and Steven going down the rapid at "Steinhatchee Falls"...very funny. I was laughing so hard that I was not making any noise until I had to take a breath at the end.

My 34th Birthday at Cedar Key

This year as a birthday present, Steve took me to Cedar Key, Fl for my birthday on Friday, July 30th. My birthday was on a Wednesday this year and I was working so Steve decided to take me away the weekend after. Even with all that, Steve grilled me my favorite for my birthday...a big fat STEAK..bloody and right off the cow....ummmmmm....a little A-1 sauce and it was heaven for me. He also got a Reese's Cheesecake and he and Steven sang Happy Birthday. Little Steven had just finished summer school and had spent NO time at his babysitters (Mimi and Paw Paw) and they had really been missing him so Steven spent the weekend at "Mimi's" swimming, eating her delicious cooking, and playing a number of games on the "Wii",  and "PlayStation 2"....what a life huh :) Meanwhile, Steve and I went to Cedar Key for two days and two plans, no worries, just time to breathe and relax. We had a balcony with the Gulf directly underneath us (no oil), a pool, and a small variety of fresh seafood restaurants to choose from. We spent that Saturday going to all the little shops (in the small town on the water behind us in the picture), and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. We had a full kitchen in our room, and a grill by the pool so Steve grilled out for dinner that night and while enjoying the beautiful view from our room, I cooked fresh okra, stewed tomatoes, and rice while watching "Notting Hill" with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. After a wonderful dinner (and desert too) we went to a local bar on the water that had an awesome one man show. His name is "Steve Champagne" with "A Shining Star Production". With an entire band set up (drums, guitar, keyboard, etc) he did it all alone. Steve and I sat there for hours listening to him. He was very animated...had his own props that he would incorporate into the performance, and was VERY engaging with the audience. There were actually people standing outside the restaurant on the street that had decided to stay and listen as well. I got his card with the hope that maybe sometime in the future we can have him at the house for a get together. His website is and he seems VERY reasonable. The next morning Steve had to get up early to be at work and I headed out to pick up my little Steven from mimi's.  The next week was going to be a tough one.

If you click on the title to this blog it will take you to the "Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce" where you can see lots of pictures of Cedar Key, lodging, restaurants, and history...very cool.

Also, there is a link on the right side of my post that will take you to view ALL of my pictures from this trip..enjoy!