Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Disney Holiday

Whew...let me catch my breath. Thanksgiving at my moms in St. Augustine and then 3 days at Disney. Thanksgiving this year was one for the books. We started off at my mom's in St. Augustine on Tuesday evening after Steven's Thanksgiving feast in his Kindergarten class on Tuesday. I was asked to bring in the turkey so thankfully (no pun intended) I found an 11 lb cooked smoked turkey that just needed heated. I had already asked Tuesday off with the intention of leaving that morning to my moms so it worked out perfectly where I could go to school and help out ALL day with the festivities, and Steve was able to heat up the turkey and bring to the school when the feast started (I have not uploaded those pictures yet but will). Steve showed up and carved the turkey and we all sat and listened to Steven's kindergarten class sing a few thanksgiving songs. We then had a hearty meal and took off to my mom's around 2:30. Thanksgiving was easy this year. We decided to order EVERYTHING from Publix (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and desert) so all it needed was heated. We then left for Orlando on Friday morning. 1st was Epcot. We hit "SOARIN" 1st and waited 130 min, but well worth it. By the time we got done with "SOARIN" it was raining and we had to buy poncho's. We hit a few more rides and then left for "Wilderness Lodge" (click on title of  blog to take you to Wilderness Lodge website). We were beat and ready for bed. The next morning we hit Disney, and hit it hard. We came back that afternoon for a snooze and went back for an evening visit. We had a blast. While on the race cars I was driving my own car and the steering wheel completely came out. My car was throwing me from side to side so much that I have a sore spot on my spine. They offered to put us in a new car and we were able to go around the track a 2nd time. Steven thought this was the coolest thing ever. We then watched the "Dance In the Streets" Disney parade where you get to actually get in the street and dance with the characters. As soon as the parade was over, they have the lighting ceremony at the castle for the holidays. It was beautiful. I don't think I will EVER get tired of Disney! It was a great time!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween 2010 (8 photos), by Adina Swan

I'd like to share my Walgreens Photo Center photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.

Islands of Adventure 10/2010 (42 photos), by Adina Swan

I'd like to share my Walgreens Photo Center photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.

Welcome Fall & Everything That Comes With It

I must say that when the new school year begins, it is almost like the gun going off at the start of a race to the finish line. That is what I feel like. I have not made it to the finish line yet, AND have not found a good place in the race to stop and catch my breath....can you relate? I honestly think that the finish line is not even visible to the naked eye until after the beginning of the New Year. That is 24 days out of 90 that I have (less than a month) to do anything extra that I don't have time to get done during the week. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this time of is my favorite. Month after month there is a holiday to look forward to, decorating to get done (which I love), candy to eat, turkey's to cook, gifts to give, gator football to watch, family, friends, birthday parties, and so much more. These are all the things I LOVE. Then there is the sick child who decided to show up at our house Monday evening. Tuesday morning I took Steven to the Dr. and found that he had a double ear infection, a fever, and on top of that was throwing up mucus. Aaahhhh.....I just love the fall air, the crisp cool weather, and the smell of vomit on my sweater. So as I was sitting in the lobby of the pediatricians office with a sick, limp child on my lap, Steven decided to throw up on me. The lady that was sitting next to us just kinda smiled at me as I was getting up out of the chair with Steven to go to the bathroom with him. Getting up from a sitting position was somewhat difficult as I was trying to keep the vomit from falling off of me and onto the floor, or in this lady's lap for that matter. As stressful as this is, at the same time I almost can't help but laugh BECAUSE of how much is going on at the same time. I think that the urge to hold back from laughing happened once we went into the bathroom and Steven decided to lay on the floor in the vomit that he had just made an attempt to get into the toilet and missed. At that point I just said to myself "Oh..whatever...go ahead". He was now feeling better, and this gave me an opportunity to use the restroom and wash up. If he wanted to lay down on the bathroom floor in the Dr. Office in his own vomit that was fine by me if this was going to allow him to feel better. On the inside I was feeling like this was like the icing on the cake after the evening and morning I had with him and at the same time it was this moment that I knew would be a memorable one. One of those that need to be shared for years and years to come. I just let it happen and rolled with the punches literally with a smile on my face. Luckily I had packed two change of clothes just in case, one of them being PJ's. This is what Steven picked to put on after we were done at the Dr. We then left and went to get a prescription filled for his ear infection. I was thrilled beyond belief that this was one of the rare occasions that we ACTUALLY GOT A PRESCRIPTION WHEN WE LEFT! I know that getting a prescription is not necessarily a good thing, but at the same time I HATE leaving the Dr office when my son is sick and they send me back home with the over the counter stuff that IS NOT WORKING and say "That will be $15.00". Is it worth it, ABSOLUTELY! Is it stressful, ABSOLUTELY! Since becoming a mother I have learned that there are ALWAYS bigger fish to fry...there are always things that are sometimes out of my control, and of course CARPE DIEM!!!!