Sunday, August 12, 2012

New School, New Grade, New Year!!!!

Tomorrow marks the begining of a new school, new grade, and a new year.  Steven will be starting private school tomorrow at "First Place Acadamy" (  in Trenton, Fl and in the 2nd grade. I am hoping that the smaller class size (only 8 in his 2nd grade class), new curriculum, and more one on one attention will allow Steven to excell. Last year he was in a classroom of 18 and though VERY capable of the work, was not finishing classroom work, staying in his seat, or listening to his teachers directions. This year Steven will be learing from the "Abeka Academy" which is a comprehensive virtual distance-learning program for Kindergarten through grade 12. This academically-challenging, college preparatory education features high quality video instruction and uses Christian character building textbooks from "A Beka Book". Each child will have thier own wireless headphones, and are supervised by thier classroom teacher while completing thier lessons. I am very hopefull that with the smaller classroom, more one on one attention, and with the curriculum being taught with the wireless headphones, that he will be able to focus more on completing his work.

I'm also happy about the fact that he is now wearing uniforms because it makes it so much easier for mom when it comes to laundry, and what to wear to school the next day :)  One less thing is ALWAYS a good thing.

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